Mulitiple Head Dosing Pumps

Multiple Head Dosing Pumps to solve process problems.

Traditionally dosing installations comprise of a number of dosing pumps complete with motor, all mounted next to each other on a skid frame, each motor having its own controls, including: contactor, thermal overload, thermister relays etc.  In most cases these pumps are required to operate at the same time, dosing different chemicals into the same process, at certain ratios.

For example, a water treatment plant will require the dosage of chlorine, aluminium sulphate, polymer and lime.  The addition of these chemicals is required at a certain rate proportional to the volume of water, (of course from time to time if the water quality varies the dosing rate per chemical will have to be independently adjusted), so for each chemical a dosing pump is installed.   To dose proportionally to the water flowrate, the speed of each motor will be controlled via a variable speed drive.


So the costs involved are:

  • 4 x dosing pump,
  • 4 x variable speed drive
  • 4 x special motor suitable for inverter operation
  • 4 x thermister relay
  • 4 x cabling to motor, control panel to house inverter
  • 4 x additional control panel accessories etc

The cost saving are easily recognised.

With OBL’s multihead pumps each pump head can be of a different size, material etc so the right combintation can be achieved as if you were purchasing individual pumps.  Also each pump head has capacity control via stroke length adjustment, so each head can be fine tuned to the correct ratio.

Other examples include resin +catalyst blending.  With normal diaphragm dosing pumps it is very difficult to get an even mix, in such a case, due to the pulsation of the pump.  When blending chemicals with pulsating pumps it is important to get the 2 x pumps to dose at the exactly the same time or you will have catalyst dosed, then resin, then catalyst etc so there won’t be any mixing of the products.  It is possible to have pulsation dampers fitted to give the pumps a smooth flow, but this is added cost and maintenance requirments.

By using an OBL dual head dosing pump, it is possible to have the 2 x chemicals dosed at exactly the same time, as the pump runs off just one motor, and 1 eccentric shaft.

Many advantages of this type of pump have been recognised by OBL, and thus they have included this option in their sales program.

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