Alloy Rotary Vanes Pumps – GPA Series

GREENPUMPS is specialised in the design and application for water treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and refinery applications. We continue every day to lead the way providing the most reliable sealless pumps available with the latest technology.
All GREENPUMPS sealless equipments are engineered to comply with the new environmental rules “1990 EPA Clean Air Act”. Our mission is working for the future giving “zero emission” to preserve our environment.

GREENPUMPS GPA Sealless Sliding Vanes pumps are designed and fabricated for constant low flow and high head self regulating applications. All GREENPUMPS, due to their construction features, are thought to have zero leakages even in extreme working conditions.
The absence of mechanical seals or packing glands eliminates dangerous emissions in order to protect the environment and workers.

GREENPUMPS GPA Sliding Vane pumps can maintain design head and flow for an extended running period because of self compensating carbon vanes.
GPA are suitable for thin non lubricating mediums, they eliminate pressure drop without rapid wear of carbon parts.

  • Dry self-priming up to 2,5m of water;
  • Temperature range -70°C up to 250°C;
  • Specific gravities up to 2 kg/dm3;
  • Viscosities up to 2000 cPs (6 poles motor)
  • System pressure rating 25 bar (350 PSI) special design up to 450 bar (6500 PSI)


  • Fully encapsulated external magnet;
  • Bronze Rub ring standard on coupling housing;
  • Dry Self-priming without damages;
  • No metal to metal contact, no internal slip;
  • Possibility to run with frequency converter;
  • Heavy duty machined pressure parts;
  • Easily replaceable carbon cartridge;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • High MTBF (mean time between failure);
  • High torque Cobalt Samarium magnets;
  • Easily removable pedestal for all frames;
  • Pumps are in accordance to ATEX regulation category

?x 11 2 G C T2-T6


Ref. Description Ref. Description
1 Coupling Housing 13 External magnet ring
2 Containment shell 14 Coupling housing feet
3 Rotor shaft 15 Rear O-Ring
4 Internal magnet ring 16 Front O-Ring
5 Vane 17 End cover screw
6 Pump casing 18 Pump casing screw
7 Stator ring carbon 19 Rub ring
8 Rear flange carbon 20 Coupl. Housing feet screw
9 Front flange carbon 21 Washer
10 Alignment pin 22 Nut
11 End cover 23 Rub ring screw
12 Vane pin 24 Rotor shaft key

Typical services

  • Pumping dangerous and radioactive liquids
  • Transfer of solvents, acids, alkali, refrigerants
  • Pilot plants
  • Refineries sampling
  • Mechanical seal flushing
  • Chemical processing
  • Hydrocarbon processing / Refining
  • Municipal (scrubber system)
  • Biofuels
  • Pulp and paper
  • Pharmaceutical processes